Sun 17th Dec 2006 6:00am

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Unusually large swell at Waikiki
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Archived Comments
LarryG2943 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
The December 2006 South Swell started out about head high early in the morning at the best spots. The two guys you see here are "Big Ed" Earmore and Nate Hong. They are seasoned skegless paipo board riders who are regulars at 'The Wall' (Kapahulu Groin in Waikiki), where you see them waiting to jump in. Publics was about 5 ft (head high), and Walls was about 3 ft (a yard high). But, when it gets big enough we go out to "Sandbars" (300 yards straight out from the Honolulu Zoo) and "Cunhas" (300-350 yards outside of Walls. Cunhas breaks whenever it's at least head high, and is best when the sets are breaking a couple-three feet overhead, on a SSW to S swell. I paddled out about 9:30 AM that morning for the bigger sets that started coming in with the rising tide. Cunhas got up to a couple feet overhead (looks like 7 ft to me) and Harry Akisada and I were the only two guys in the lineup for a while. He rides his own custom-designed paipo, and I was on my bellyboard. Overhead surf on the South Shore in the Winter time is pretty rare, but it was an El Nino year, so it was really a great treat! In fact, we had a southerly swell every month of the entire winter. Unbelievable! We thought we were hallucinating...Ha! LarryG (Honolulu, Hawaii)
PCsurfer3201 days ago +5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Kid at the end looks like he hit the wall so hard he is going to need a helmet the rest of his life.
Portpipe3283 days ago +18 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
thats some splash yer man made lol