WATCH: France Says Salut To 2023!

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We can't think of a better way to ring the New Year than getting under the hood of a Hossegor keg session. And neither can tube-lord Charly Quivront.

“Good way to start the year,” he said of this clip from Jan 6. “Best way to kick off 2023 with the first proper swell and wash that new year party off.” This time of year, everyone wants to know how the sandbars are in along France's sud ouest. After all, they're the necessary ingredient to spice this hollow, heaving madness.

Truth is, they've been moving a lot lately, due to the high storm activity, before lining up a couple of days ago. Time will tell if France's favourite beachie at La Graviere is up to scratch now. And there could be more ocean juice by the end of the week – check the forecast, here.