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WATCH: Conor Maguire's Exquisite Indo Bomb

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Yeah, yeah, Indo's going nuts right now as you know. And we'll be bringing you a full wrap up soon, we promise! But for now, it'd be a disservice to not show you Conor Maguire's barrel from yesterday, because, oh my, and, it kind of resembles a warm water Mullaghmore.

The Irishman made it to Indo, jumping through all the hoops and abiding by all the rules that a guy or gal's got to do to set foot on those hallowed lands right now. And when this dropped into our inbox, we first thought 'huh, warm water Mully,' and then we thought – imagine travelling all that way and this is one of the first things you're greeted with, post quarantine, of course.

Anyway, spotty phone reception be damned, we managed to catch Conor before he headed back out for another day in the drink. “I injured my MCL about six-weeks-ago so have just been learning to surf again the past week and said I'd take it steady.

“We woke up to the sound of rumbling thunder and knew it was on. We surfed solid Scar's in the morning followed by Supers but knew the peak of the swell was in the evening.

“When we got back to Scar's, we were just mesmerised. Big, green, back-lit beauties were steam rolling through. The only place I've been that captivated by a hollow wave is Mully.

“I felt a little under-gunned on a thin 6'3” and had to sit under them to stand a chance of catching a wave. I had one fun 8 footer prior to the wave in the vid that made my trip, so I was just cruising, enjoying the sunset. Then this thing popped up and I was in the perfect spot for it. Two paddles under the lip and I just fell into it. Thought I was going to get annihilated the whole way but the wave did a lot of the work and stayed open for me, thankfully."