WATCH: Nic Von Rupp Nearly Gets Axed in Half at Nazare!

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Nazare's been a good size recently. Not those 80ft peaks we all love seeing, but certainly some grunt to it. And no matter what size out there, it can all go south fairly quick – just ask noted slab hound Nic Von Rupp.

“Probably one of the scariest moments of my life,” he says. “I went from having the vision  of pulling into a huge Nazaré barrel into death zone of a 30ft lip about to land on my head.

“It’s a matter of split second decisions, sometimes the right ones sometimes the wrong, looking up on this lip it felt like I took the worst line possible and this lip was going to crush me in half. I’m sure if it would have actually landed on me the story would have been a lot different, stoked to be here to tell the story. Live, learn, laugh, on to the next one.” Yikes.

"Thanks Benjamin Sanches, for the tow and Sergio Cosmico and Dino Carmo for always having my back. Strodjy voice deserves royalties on this one..."