Just Who the Hell Is Eli Beukes?!

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The future is bright for South Africa's young stars. Eli Beukes is a 20-year-old with style aplomb and one of the country's up-and-coming shredders. With a bank of talent this broad, we should have all heard of Eli by now -- no problem though, allow us to introduce you.

“I am helping South Africa's brightest up and coming young talent - Eli Beukes, get his self-edited film, filmed by his dad, from their local spots out in the surf media world,” says photographer Alan Van Gysen who popped this incredible cut right into our inbox yesterday.

“Eli was born and raised along South Africa's remote and rugged West Coast where his father - also a core, excellent surfer, worked as a diamond diver beneath the frigid Atlantic waters close to the town of Lamberts Bay.”