Full Movie: Dark Hollow Starring Dion Agius


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Well, here's a little Friday feast for you. Dion Agius' new flick Dark Hollow in its entirety -- yes, flame-sleeved wetsuit and all. This is a stunningly shot flick over 15 mins or so that is worthy of your time, for many, many reasons.

But this film's got a bit of a twist too, as it's all geared towards protecting endangered areas in Tasmania, Dion’s home state, and the creators are donating at least $15K — as well as proceeds from Dion’s collection — to the Bob Brown Foundation, an Australian nonprofit largely dedicated to preserving the wild beauty and ecological integrity of Australia in particular, and Mother Earth in general.

Anyway, Dion sat down for a chat recently about all things Dark Hollow, here's how it went.

What is different for you these days in terms of your career, lifestyle, or attitude?
Dion Agius: The biggest change over the last year has been the pandemic and the way that’s affected how we travel, which has always been a huge aspect of being a freesurfer. It’s a bummer to not be able to travel like we used to, but for obvious reasons we’ve been very, very lucky here in Australia, and it’s been nice getting to spend more time here. As far as freesurfing goes, just adjusting to working and shooting and staying busy here has been the biggest adjustment. But once again, we’re so lucky to have so many options here in Australia. And there’s been a pretty incredible run of waves lately.

What’s the key to your uncanny longevity as a professional freesurfer?
Just the constant support I’ve always had from my sponsors, especially Globe, who’ve backed me since I was 18 years old. They’ve never once questioned what I’ve done or said ‘no’ to any ideas that I’ve brought forward to them, so it’s been incredible to have a company back me like that and support me for so long. And over the years I’ve built up [relationships] with the most talented group of friends, filmmakers and photographers that I travel with and work with. I owe a lot to those guys, especially when working on a film project like this.

How has the response been, particularly from the audiences coming out for the premieres?
The response from the premieres has been incredible, much better than I could’ve hoped or imagined. But premieres are always great, because you have everyone’s attention in a big, beautiful cinema with great sound. It’s a lot easier to have a captive audience, but to be honest, that’s the only way I really want people to see these films. Surf film premieres seem to be coming less and less, but it’s such a beautiful way to see a film. I hope that when people watch this at home, they’ll watch it loud and large, and maybe have their own mini-premieres with their friends.

Anything else you care to say — about life, surfing, Globe, or Dark Hollow?
I just hope people enjoy the film. Please watch it large and loud if you can. And, if you can, check out the Bob Brown Foundation and the incredible work they do. If you’re trying to find somewhere to put some dollars for the betterment of our environment, they are a great place to start.