Fresh Gear: MSW x Weret Watches Brings Surf Forecast to Your Wrist


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Here at MSW we love seeing interesting ways that companies and start ups use our data to create products that can help keep you in the water for longer.

And over the years, there's been some truly innovative stuff that's come through the woodwork. Just one that sticks out is a homemade surf clock that used our data to turn your hallway into an at-a-glance surf report, but that's not what we're talking about today. We particularly love it when function meets fashion, though, and we're suckers for a good time piece -- such as right here with Weret, who have just launched a new weather watch utilising MSW data to get the best read on the water conditions for the day.

Air pressure, swell size, height and more are all on the face of a Weret watch, which you can tune to whatever spot you like for the latest info. Plus, you can dial in all the settings from the comfort of your smart phone, handy, huh?

The name Weret represents the flow of waves and tides that are the life force of our world oceans and the true essence of Surf. Thinking specifically of surfers' lifestyle, a combination of BluetoothTM Low Energy (BLE) technology and optimised software, enable battery charging of up to three months. After that, you just recharge with the wireless induction charger that comes with the watch. Weret is the world's first analog steel watch with induction charging.

Having to update the time when you are surfing in different time-zones shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Weret adjust the time automatically so you always have the current magicseaweed conditions available on your wrist.

“We're stoked with the partnership with Weret,” said Jason Lock, editor of magicseaweed. “For surfers to have live surf data straight to their wrist is a huge boon for people's surfing life. You'll have all you need to make the call, and every other feature of MSW will live on the MSW app and homepage, so this is the perfect companion for when planning a surf mission.”

Made to last beyond the season, Weret uses top craftsmanship and materials such as pure surgical stainless steel - with excellent corrosion resistance to sea-water - and sapphire glass with anti-scratch and anti-reflective. The design is inspired by the scandinavian automotive design, launched in three limited editions with magicseaweed integration are all available in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales:

●  Weret Blue Edition, which highlights the surf elements and the iconic tide in the color of the seas, comes in completely black PVD coated or in brushed 316L stainless steel.
●  Weret Clean Edition for a sophisticated design in polished 316L stainless steel with a white dial or brushed 316L stainless steel with black dial.
●  Weret 612 Edition if you prefer a more stylish look in rose gold or brushed 316L stainless steel with a PVD coated bezel and buttons.

The straps, of course, also follow surfers’ lifestyles, coming in three different materials:
●  Leather - made of premium genuine leather, a natural organic material. Its character only enhances with time, imprinting a unique record as proof of all of life’s adventures.
●  Canvas - style and strength are the most beneficial aspects of this material.
●  Silicone - Designed for extreme outdoor activities, with performance comfort being the highest priority, the silicone straps are extremely durable, resistant, and flexible.
All of them match all Weret models and because they have a quick-release system it is also easy to change the strap according to the occasion or to your next surf adventure to the magicseaweed spot shown on your wrist.

See more, here and we'll be bringing you more from Weret soon.