Bob McTavish: Dedicated to the Craft

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It's no secret that Bob McTavish is one of industry's true workhorses. Shaping his first board in '58, Bob drifted into the surfing industry in 1962 – creating a household name that helped lay the blueprint for modern board design.

And here, we're furnished with vignettes into the life of Mr McTavish, from time spent in the shaping bay to longboarding at home on the north coast of New South Wales. ''Shaping has always been super intriguing to me because there's still so much to learn,'' he says.

If you look at Bob's stamp on surfing, his designs were integral to pushing progression while delving into the realm of alternative wave riding – shaping his first a-symmetrical board in 1962. Splitting his lifestyle between working, houses he's taking on as projects and, of course, surfing he adds: ''I think I'm about 30 in my brain but my body's 72,'' before insisting he's in it for life.