5 of the Biggest Rides from XXL Nazare Yesterday

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XXL Nazare is no joke. As soon as the swell charts turn black, you know it's going to be sizey at big wave surfing's favourite amphitheatre. Yesterday was no exception and we had Nazare legend Helio Antonio perched atop the cliff, shifting between vids and stills as this thing slammed the coastline. Here's the top 5 rides, in no particular order, over a gruelling 12 hour session.

5) Kai Lenny

Whenever Kai Lenny turns up to an XXL scenario, he just makes it look like a plaything. Mr Lenny's biggest ride yesterday did not disappoint – all style and nonchalance as the chaos goes off over his shoulder. Classic.

4) Pedro Scooby

This was certainly one of the tallest waves from yesterday. And a bit of a redemption for this charger. Last year, in November 2019, Scooby almost drowned at XXL Nazare. Seeing him back and staring down colossal conditions again is certainly worthy of applause.

3) Sebastian Steudtner

Ok, Sebastian got blown up at the end. But look at the line he takes here. It is masterful. Years of dedication are paying off for the German big wave hellman and his experience definitely shows. In fact, Helio called it the best ride of the day. You can see why.

2) Andrew Cotton

Cotty's a Nazare legend. The UK-born big wave aficionado knows this beast like the back of his hand. This wave is a combo of right place, right time – and a ton of knowledge from experiencing just about everything Nazare has to throw at him. Sublime.

1) Lucas Chumbo

This was the wave after Cotty's above. Chumbo and tow partner Kai Lenny just look like they're having fun at the biggest wave in the world. Watch this thing grow and Chumbo shoot towards the channel. Quite the wave.

BONUS: KaI Lenny's casual 360

Kai Lenny doing very good Kai Lenny things.

All footage and stills from Helio Antonio