11th O'Neill Wave of the Winter is Officially ON

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It's official, the 11th O'Neill Wave of the Winter is on and already in full swing. We know travel this season may look a little different, with some hampered by local restrictions and not being able to get to the North Shore of Oahu, but those who have are getting busy submitting their wildest entries for a chance to win that $25,000 prize purse.

You'll recall last year, Jamie O'Brien snagged the coin last year for an entry that left us all scooping our jaws from the floor. But there's always a hot stable of chargers in the mix like, Barron Mamiya, JJF and Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman, Kalani Chapman, Michael Ho (and Mason for that matter...)

All the 2019 winners.

Who's your money on? JOB again? Or as Brett Barley put it about the Pipe legend: “You can’t say anyone has Pipe more dialled… A lot of guys are close, but year in and year out, Jamie is always on some of the best waves of the winter. Plus, he’s won it twice, so how can you argue with that [laughs].”

Of course, JOB's already got an entry in.

But what about the likes of John John though? “John John is definitely due to win Wave of the Winter,” says Torrey Meister and never a truer statement has been uttered. The comp's been open since Nov 1 and will run through to Feb 28. Head HERE to view the entries or submit your clip.

Cover shot by Billy Watts