Tanegashima Surfing

About Tanegashima

The island of Tanegashima, located about 40km (26mi) off the southern tip of Kyushu in Kagoshima Prefecture, is one of the finest surf destinations in Japan. With the island's long, narrow shape and good exposure to both Pacific and East China Sea swell, the probability of scoring waves at any time of year is high by Japanese standards. There are a variety of breaks to suit all levels of surfer and the water is relatively warm all year round. Many surfers have moved to Tanegashima simply for the surf, which can get so good on both coasts, particularly when a typhoon roars past the region.


  • Most consistent surf in Japan

  • Warm water year-round

  • Quality reefs & rivermouths

  • World Heritage nature on Yakushima


  • Rarely world-class

  • Limited access

  • Often onshore

  • Super expensive

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