About South Bahia

The overwhelming image of Brazil is Carnival and Salvador de Bahia undoubtedly hosts the most intense one. Surfers in the mid '70s searching the coast from Salvador found out about Itacaré, lying 300km (188mi) south. It's the Bahia State capital, set amidst the Atlantic rain forest, where an abundance of juicy, warm-water beachbreaks, reefbreaks and an amazingly long rivermouth right. Early travellers would have come across the surfing godfather Old Joaquim, who befriended every surfer and told many tales under moonlight before Itacaré became a renowned backpacker town.


  • Consistent wind swells

  • Easy beginner waves

  • Boca de Barra long rides

  • Less crowded hiking spots

  • Eco-friendly Brazil


  • Rarely epic

  • Crowded main breaks

  • Rainy autumn/winter

  • Distant airports

  • Long hikes

Surf Spots