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Boutique hotel, co-living space, hostel: we’re our own thing. Selina is a hospitality network with all types of accommodation to fit the needs of every traveler. Explore our ecosystem of beautifully designed rooms and get ready to depart from the ordinary.

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Fall in love with the world
Hit the beach, roam the wild jungle, or get lost in the beat of a new city. No matter what adventure you choose, Selina is here to guide you. Our experiences blend passion, fun, and impact to transform the way you travel. Whether you’re more arts and culture or sea and surf, let Selina show you the way.

Surfing is part of the Selina DNA. The Surf Club embodies the Selina lifestyle: we’re all about good vibes, great company, and being in touch with Mother Nature. With locations in many world-class surf spots, come to Selina to learn with our professionals – and to soak up some positive energy. We’ll guide you to the best waves in the area, take your surf game up a notch, or help you hang ten for the first time in your life. Once you surf with Selina, you won’t want to surf anywhere else.

Stay in our spaces

We offer many types of rooms at Selina.

You name it, Selina has it. Dorms, hammocks, or camping areas for the more adventurous traveler. Suites for the more indulgent traveler. And our standard private rooms with communal areas for everyone in between.

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What is Selina?

Selina is a haven for nomads, travelers, and explorers redefining what it means to travel, work, and explore. Selina is not just accommodation. Yes, we offer (gorgeous, beautifully-designed) places to stay. More than that, we offer a place to connect with others. Be inspired by stunning beaches and lush jungles. Fuel your creativity in energetic urban centers. Catch a wave, dance until dawn, or tap into a new level of productivity with surfing, activities, co-working, and community by Selina. If you’re looking for a unique, immersive, purpose-filled experience, you’re looking for Selina.

What drives Selina?

We’re driven to create a new way to travel that focuses on forming a community. Digital nomads, nonstop travelers, break-takers, local communities and Selina staff make up our “neighborhood.”

A little history…

In 2007 Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski were living in Pedasí, a small fishing town in Panama. They ran real estate projects and while developing the town, they began to build a tight-knit social circle with locals and travelers.

The two friends had a project in mind. After traveling the world and staying in many places, they believed they could begin to change the world of hospitality and share this community with other travelers. This is how the first Selina was born in Venao, a surf town near Pedasí in 2014.

Once the model was proven to be a success in Venao, the expansion began. Selina is growing quickly in Central America and starting to move into South America, North America and soon Europe.

Selina Impact

Every Selina aims to be a contributing member of the communities in which we operate. Selina Gives Back is our holistic volunteering program for staff, guests and “Amigos de Selina” (friends from the neighborhood) who want to volunteer with us. Selina commits 2% of labor time so our staff can volunteer in Selina Gives Back activities. Whether it’s promoting arts and culture, or taking care of the environment, SGB offers the chance to give back.

The SGB activities we promote at locations are all free and include:

Sharing your Talent:

Assisting future “Chef Kids”
English instruction for locals
Painting, building, and improving local infrastructure
Teaching arts & crafts
Inclusive surf classes
Yoga lessons for locals

Protecting the Environment:

Beach Cleanup
Town Cleanup
Environmental Education

​Open SGB activities:

To support local initiatives that contribute to building the identity and culture of local communities


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