Rio Grande do Sul Surfing

About Rio Grande do Sul

The Great River of the South is the southernmost State of Brazil, bordered to the north by Santa Catarina, to the west by Argentina, to the south by Uruguay and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. The region was originally settled by Amerindian peoples (mostly Guarani and Kaingangs), while European settlement started in 1627 with Spanish Jesuits. Despite being mainly rural for much of its early history, Rio Grande do Sul has been the scene of bloody wars: the dispute between Portugal and Spain for the Sacramento Colony, and the Guarani Missions War. Large communities of German, Italian and Polish settlers entered the state from the end of the 19th century, making it racially and culturally very different from most of the other Brazilian states. Gaucho is the common denomination of the inhabitants of Rio Grande do Sul, named after the cattle herders and ranchers who settled the state's pampa regions. Nowadays, the state benefits from an attractive economy mainly based on leather, cloth goods, wine, cereals and wood and is highly regarded for it's hospitality and excellent quality of life. The coast is one straight sandy beach stretching 500km (310mi), broken only by 3 rivermouths (Rio Mampituba in Torres, Rio Tramandai and Arroio do Chui that straddles the border with Uruguay). The construction of jetties is the only other help for creating sandbanks, so don't expect more than average beachbreaks plus a few good surprises.


  • Big wave option in Torres

  • Not polluted

  • Beach & party vibe

  • Friendly gaúcho hospitality


  • Average quality beachbreaks

  • Not too consistent

  • Almost no wind protection

  • Regular strong rips

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