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About Massachusetts - Boston Area

North of Boston appears to be well set up, with potential reefs and points everywhere, but they never seem to deliver the quality waves that this coastline suggests. There are a few fickle secret spots, tucked away, while places like Deveraux attract a dedicated crowd.
South of Boston, the beachbreaks of Hull and the breaks around Scituate offer a haven for the city surfers. Cape Cod is a bit of a weird one; it's one big crescent of sand, producing shifting beachbreaks of variable quality. These hard-breaking, sand-bottom waves can reach epic size, by East Coast standards, way out to sea, in an area that is regularly blighted by thick ocean fog. Summer gets crowded on the Cape but it does tend to pick up any swell from the east and has the right aspect to pick up some hurricane swell too.
The islands of Massachusetts, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are the state's real gems, with wide swell windows and few surfers, but access and localism are apparent problems.

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