Littoral Paulista Surfing

About Littoral Paulista

São Paulo is one of the worlds largest cities and so it is of little surprise to discover that the sub-tropical shores of the Littoral Paulista, (the city beaches), are teeming with hot surfers. This whole zone is basically a long stretch of average sandy beach breaks, located between two peninsulas, dotted with inlets, bays and points. The South Atlantic rarely pushes in swells big enough to make the pointbreaks fire, so most surfing here will be done on fickle reefs or hollow beachbreaks, which are always busy. If you're a beginner, happy to ride small, mushy waves, then the poorer quality peaks that can be found on the bigger beaches will offer less intense crowds. Another way of avoiding the worst of the crowds is to take a long hike or a boat to some of the spots with harder access that can be found along the more rugged stretches of coastline.


  • Fairly consistent clean surf

  • Easily accessible

  • Good quality facilities

  • Urban entertainment


  • Heavy crowd pressure

  • Lack of big waves

  • Pollution

  • Built up coast, heavy traffic

Surf Spots