Faja Dos Vimes Guia

About Faja Dos Vimes

The only regularly surfed spot on the south coast picks up swell from the SE - W and is offshore in any N wind. Best with due SW swell when it gets fast and hollow but is a much shorter ride than the fajas on the north coast.

Medium consistency because W winds destroy it and rarely crowded because not many locals bother to ride it.

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  • Stormrider Guide for Faja Dos Vimes
  • Low to Mid Tide Low to Mid Tide
  • Left-hand break over submerged reef Left-hand break over submerged reef
  • Rock Ledge Rock Ledge
  • SE - W SE - W
  • North Easterly North Easterly
  • 10 3 Swell Range 3 - 10ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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