About El Porto Beach

Despite its many personalities, El Porto is not particularly known for outstanding wave quality. It is, however, a NW swell magnet and it's almost always bigger than any other spot in the South Bay during the winter months. The trick is to find the zone with the "holes," as the locals call them, referring to breaks in the relentless closeouts up and down the beach. With spring sandbars and/or a crossed-up swell, El Porto can get really good, and really crowded. In years past, the area has taken hits from beach nourishment programs, wherein tons of sand were trucked in, turning the place into walled-out closeouts. Nonetheless, El Porto does, at times, get machine-like.

Source: El Porto Beach Surf Guide

Ability Level

All Abilities

Beg Int Adv

Beginner to advanced

Local Vibe


Welcoming Intimidating


Crowd Factor


Mellow Heavy

Heavy when it's firing, desolate when it's not.

Spot Rating


Poor Perfect

Typically a hopeless closeout but can be really good when the rest of SoCal struggles.

Shoulder Burn


Light Exhausting

Not bad when it is small, plenty of work to be had when it is pumping.

Water Quality


Clean Dirty

It's the middle of LA.

Additional Information


It's LA...


Parking lot at bottom of 45th Street.

Bring Your

Shortboard, fish, funboard, longboard, bodyboard



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