About East Oaxaca

The third largest country in Latin America still has plenty of surf potential to be uncovered and those looking for warm water, classic pointbreaks, powerful beachbreaks, offshore winds and no one else out, should seriously think about the eastern part of Oaxaca (pronounced wah-hah-kah?). The state is one of the last frontiers in mainland Mexico, despite also being home to Mexico's famous, world-class surf and tourism-oriented area of Puerto Escondido. Huatulco to Salina Cruz, is almost untouched by development and characterized by verdant jungle slopes meshing with spectacular white sand beaches. The coastline enjoys a plethora of breaks, from dredging beaches and rifling points to secret jetties, that are blessed from april to october by powerful swells arriving straight from the southern hemisphere. Only the lack of tourism infrastructure and sketchy access to the spots can explain the low crowd level.


  • Consistent summer swells

  • Little or no crowds

  • Many classic breaks

  • No mass tourism

  • Sunny weather and warm water


  • Strong trade winds

  • Sketchy access to some breaks

  • Mainly righthanders

  • Limited air access

  • Rainy surf season

Surf Spots