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abstract backlit barrel beach break big wave bomb cold cutback drop in fish glassy heavy hollow Kneeboard lines longboard perfection point break pro surfer reef break shortboard slab spray surfer girl unridden wedge wreck
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Topanga State Beach
The Ranch - Cojo Reef
Sunset Blvd
Seal Beach Pier
Sand Dollar Beach
San Onofre
Rincon Point
Refugio State Beach
Patricks Point
Palos Verdes Cove
Morro Bay
Malibu - First Point
Lunada Bay
Huntington Pier
Doheny State Beach
California Street (C Street)
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Surf Dawg2222 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
It's time for the United States to progress to Socialism. The people, through the government need to take back the country from the greedy corporations who have sold us out. Private enterprise cares more about profit than people. Thats the reason for our high unemployment. We have sent all of our manufacturing out of the country. The construction industry is being monopolized by large conglomorates, forcing smaller family owned business to close. It's time to wake up and change the ignorant right wing conservatism that has dominated this country. Power to the people!
westportmike2609 days ago +15 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Great shots . I'm a photographer (amateur) in Westport WA USA and I am trying to start an international surfing event (online) on January 1st each year. I call it SURF DAY 1... and my goal is to inspire surfers to start the new year out right... in the water. What I would like (and this is where you come in) is for as many people as possible to send me a great picture from a New Years Day Surf Session.... wherever they are in the world. My goal for this first SURF DAY 1 is to get pictures from 10 countries and 50 beaches. Next year I want to make a bigger deal out of it. If you are taking pics on Jan 1 please email me one or two. Also please forward this to any other surfers and/or photographers to get the word out. You can see more about what I am talking about by going to www.surfday1.com Thanks and have a great New Year! Mike Coverdale funsand@westportbeachescapes.com
Surf Dawg2630 days ago +6 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
With these 4 things, you can surf anywhere! 1. Skill 2. Desire 3. Patience 4. Respect
lakeMIsurfer2644 days ago +7 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hey thanks alot! those spots are gunna help aton. well here in michigan our main season is fall and also winter, although in the winter its snowing when we surf it getts really clean for the lakes.during the fall and winter there are probably 3 days a week that are surfable and the once or twice every three thats big. like just a couple weeks ago we hade some 10-14 foot faces it was pretty crazy. but in the summer i gets pretty dry maybe waves once every two or three weeks. but we take what we can get no matter how cold. haha. but once again thanks for the pointers!
lakeMIsurfer2652 days ago +11 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hey! i saw that you had alot of pictures from san diego so i figured you could help me. this summer i am attending a surf camp in san diego and i am not quite shur what to expect. so i was woundering like what the wave hieghts usually are in the summer and also what i should watch out for or know befor going? thanks aton and keep up the pictures they are awsome!
Surf Dawg2812 days ago -10 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Aloha Bros, remember to surf with respect!