NY Beach Relief - Hurricane Sandy

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In order to help with the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, NYSEA has started the NY Beach Relief Fund. Crucially 100% of proceeds will go directly to New York surf and beach communities. These are the communities that make up the heart and soul of NYSEA. We wish everyone the best on this long road to recovery.

We sincerely appreciate any purchases or donations. We understand that through these times one may not be able to contribute monetarily, but you can still support and make a difference by simply sharing this page on the web. Vist the page to donate or share HERE.

Our hearts go out from everyone at NYSEA to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The energy created between our two giants, the city and sea, met, and showed us something we will never forget: total destruction by an uncontrollable force. New Yorkers stay tight and band together in these times of need. New York will come back bigger and stronger than ever!

Please buy a tee shirt, donate, or share HERE.

We are in it with you!

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