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Surf Forecaster (Europe)

Work with our team to continue to build, test and improve our forecast products, communicate with pro surfers, contest directors and the surf industry and, most importantly, make sure every MSW user is getting the very best and latest forecast information for their local beach. We don’t need to tell you that only a small handful of people worldwide have managed to combine their passion for surfing and a solid understanding of meteorology and oceanography for a job as a surf forecaster - this is your chance to join them:

  • Test and validate our latest forecast products.
  • Work with the latest surf forecasting model and sensor data.
  • Write and update local area forecasts and editorial content.
  • Keep our spot database up-to-date and our local forecasts tuned.
  • Provide direct forecast advice to our team and industry contacts.
  • Take direct responsibility for the European forecast area.

We’ll provide full on the job training for the right candidate.

About You

Surfer: You’ll need to be an experienced, confident, well travelled surfer. A couple of trips with the Uni surf club aren’t going to cut it here. You’ll need to be able to talk surf credibly with a huge range of different people and the broader your surf travel experience, particularly in Europe, the better you’ll be able to do this. This might be the first and only job interview where your surf travel photos are likely to impress.

Excellent Communicator: Magicseaweed exists to bridge the gap between complex technical data and the average surfer. Understanding the data is essential but no more so than the ability to speak and write efficiently and clearly and grade your language appropriately. The right candidate will be able to demonstrate excellent written and spoken English.

Academic Background: The right candidate will have at least an undergraduate degree in Meteorology, Oceanography or Coastal Engineering or related and be interested in ongoing research and development as part of this role. You’ll be mathematically literate, well versed with statistical analysis and ideally you’ll have experience and understanding of atmospheric and ocean modelling software.

Committed: The ocean can deliver 24/7 and tracking storms and the surf they create is more than a full time role: it needs to be your obsession. You’ll be keen to travel and happy to work outside traditional office hours as a swell story unfolds - although you’ll be compensated with surf flexi-time during the working day.

You’ll have permission to live and work in the UK and be able to work daily from our office in Kingsbridge, South Devon.

About Magicseaweed

We’d hope the right candidate was already using Magicseaweed. You’d be working for a team dedicated to providing almost 2 million surfers a month with the very best surf forecasting tools and the information to use them properly. We’re surf obsessed and you’ll have the opportunity for great deals on surfing equipment and trips and travel as well as working with an office of like minded people.

Applications should demonstrate all the requirements above - particularly strong written English skills and academic understanding of the relevant topics.

Please send CV's to careers@magicseaweed.com.

*You don't need to be surfer to work for us. We design and build a web application, not laze around at the beach. Although if you have an interest in it or another action sport of a similar nature you may receive a high 5 so definitely mention it.

Current Job Opportunities

Surf Forecaster (Europe)

Kingsbridge, United Kingdom

Marketing Coordinator

Kingsbridge, United Kingdom


Kingsbridge, United Kingdom

“I love to surf and I love to code, developing software at Magicseaweed is like no other job in the world.”

Gavin Cooper, Software Engineer

“You're able to influence how the most popular world wide surf forecast is developed.”

Adam Primmer, Graphic Designer