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Japão Surf Reports e Surf Forecasts

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A diverse and inlet-riven coastline which reaching into both the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean. Japan is split into four main islands and countless smaller ones, as such the wind and swell options are abundant. They would be more profuse were it not for the amount of coastal development, which has destroyed many breaks. Beach breaks and points are the staple diet of surfers here but the most famous are the river-mouths which can offer classic conditions. The highlight of the year is typhoon season (August to October) when huge swells can produce fantastic waves at these locations. Short-lived but often good quality lows track up and down from the Pacific for the rest of the year. Water temperatures varies from 17 to 21°C or 63 to 70°F.

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Tahara shi. Loco station surf point. Photo by Roberto Yamasita.