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A stop on the surfers' path since the 1950s, the famous long right points light up during the autumn and winter. Spring is slightly less consistent and summer can be flat for long periods. Swells track north down the coast from the productive Atlantic and having propagated so far from their source are mostly of a long period. Dominant winds are from the north-west to north-east and anything that has even a fraction of east in it can set the whole region pumping. The main spots are focused around towns such as Agadir and Taghazoute leaving miles of empty coastline, especially to the south, open to exploration. Unfortunately petty crime is endemic so travellers must be extra vigilant. Sea temperatures vary between 16 and 22°C/61 to 72°F.

Surf Report
26 Jul 07:37 Taghazout
Surf Maroc

Surf Maroc checked the surf at Taghazout.


  • Flat

Light, No mar

23hrs ago
Surf Report
25 Jul 05:08 Taghazout


  • 3ft

Light Breeze, Em terra

Seg 13:30
23 Jul 06:23 Devils Rock
Mariss Balodis

Mariss Balodis posted a photo of Devils Rock.

Devils Rock
Glassy waters

Glassy waters

Surf Schools near Agadir
27 Jul 05:48