Holanda + Bélgica Surf Reports e Surf Forecasts

Holanda + Bélgica Surf Reports e Surf Forecasts

About Holanda + Bélgica

Surfed regularly since the 1960s, these coasts offer some decent sized swell in the winter but are often flat for the rest of the year. Facing north east they can sometimes be blessed with a rare groundswell, but in the main it is locally produced storm swell that then sometimes be cleaned up by winter offshore winds as lows move north. Water quality is not great due to the level of industrialisation. There are designated surf zones in the summer in both countries but in the winter Holland is unrestricted.

Bélgica Surf Areas
Holanda Surf Areas
20 Set 11:10 Egmond Aan Zee

A clean barrel on a autumn day
only 100m from barefootbeachhouse

Surf Schools near Noordwijk aan Zee
06 Out 03:50