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East London, South Africa's only river port, sprawls between the rivermouths of the broad Buffalo, Nahoon and Gonubie Rivers. Being the gateway to the Sunshine Coast and the Wild Coast, East London is a major hub for the region and attracts the adventurous and sporting to many international events. What isn't so obvious is the fact that East London is one of the best areas in SA to visit & surf. Since 1847, about 150 ships have been wrecked within a 5km radius of the Buffalo Harbour, the reason being that swells hitting the Eastern Cape are the most consistent for the whole South African coastline. Considering the warmer water and the number of legitimate right pointbreaks which have nurtured surfers like Greg Emslie or Nikita Robb, East London is a world-class zone that sharks have managed to keep quiet. To date, 20 shark attacks have been recorded in the past 18 years around East London. The worst incident was in 1994 when top local surfer Bruce Corby died as a result of his injuries from a great white, right after Andrew Carter was attacked but survived. In July 2000, 15-year-old Shannon Ainslie was targeted by two massive great whites and you can view the attack on Surfer Mag (or youtube). At Gonubie Point, Anton Devos was killed by a great white while bodyboarding in 2004. Then in November 2007, local Lee Mellin, survived an attack at Bonza Bay by a monster shark, which left a 38 cm wound down his thigh. Locals advise not to enter the water in the early morning or late afternoon, when birds and dolphins are seen feeding, and on no account to go out alone.
+ Swells year-round
+ No crowds, often offshore
+ Heaps of long, right points
+ Close to J-Bay, but warmer water
+ Fairly cheap, good tourism services
- Noon summer ENE wind
- High shark attack stats
- Cool, windy winters
- Spooky, empty line-ups
- Long drive from anywhere
East London
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Guide icon Forecast icon East London Star Grey Star Grey Star 5ft 13secs 208° 16mph Sunny No Reports Available. Right Pointbreak Boulders and Sand 12
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