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 Deception Island
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4.5ft 12secs 282° 17mph NE - Cross shore - 46°
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The Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost part of the mainland of Antarctica and represents an unexplored frontier for surfing for obvious reasons!
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News Image Habagat’s Irony, The beauty and the destruction
With its typically placid waters the Davao Gulf is not known for any surfing grounds, however the month of August heralds a climatic exception when the placid waters give way to the monsoon waves of Habagat. The season lasts a little over a month and this year it has been one the most active monsoons for some time with large stretches of the coastline drastically altered by the ravages of the flooding waves and many unfortunate coastal communities having their lives turned upside down. Local victims of these erratic climatic patterns are substantiating what climatologists have started to term as collateral damage from western emissions. Few locals see any benefit from these changes and the damaging waves, but the angry forces of nature bring a paradox of both pleasure and pain. For the few local surfers the coastline was lit up. The power and beauty of nature’s energy in its most raw form unfolded upon their shores exposing how the coastline of Davao Gulf is perfectly moulded for the art and sport of Surfing
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