22 Set 11:57 Muizenberg

underwaterandre posted a photo of Muizenberg.


Southern Right whales behind the surfers

22 Set 03:24
Video 2

Taj or Julian,...

Taj or Julian, Who's the Lower's Freesurf Daddy?

When two of the world tour's most exciting offerings release edits at the same time, it is only natural to compare.

22 Set 01:00
Feature 3

Quik Pro Unofficial Forecast

Quik Pro Unofficial Forecast

With our favourite contest of the year approaching we break down the beaches and forecast for the Quiksilver Pro.

Photo of the Day
22 Set 08:28 Santa Catalina - La Punta
Ricardo Brady

Ricardo Brady's photo of Santa Catalina - La Punta got picked for photo of the day.

Photo of the day

Peter from Barcelona

Vídeo do dia
22 Set 02:13
Video of the day

Soulsticio 3: The...

Soulsticio 3: The Desolate Desert

Traveling theChilean desert seeking encounters with the long barrels of the Pacific Ocean.

19 Set 04:36 Plage des Surfeurs
Plage des Surfeurs

Perfect Day in the French Caribbean...